The INDIVIDUAL journeys alone into the Zone Golf realm facing the fear and challenge head on.
The road is long and there are no victors. This is about the journey and what can be learnt from it.
There are no losers here!


Each player simply adds their accumulative points total from Zones hit with additional points gained from bogeys, pars, birdies and eagles (Hole in Ones). This game can be played over 9,18,27 or 36 holes. (9 Par 3 holes constitute one round of Zone Golf). Over any of these hole durations, the player with the highest points total wins. Any tied scores at conclusion of play are decided by a sudden death playoff.

Key Rules

  • When playing to the green a ball striking any flagstick or hole is considered rub of the green and the ball should be played as it lies
  • When playing to the green any flagstick can be removed as in the normal rules of golf
  • If when on the green, a hole other than the one nominated, is in the line of putt, then the ball may be placed as near as possible to its original position, no nearer to the nominated hole, that allows a clear line of putt
  • If a player’s ball goes in the wrong hole, it should be placed without penalty as near as possible to its original position, no nearer to the nominated hole so as to allow a clear line of putt

Order Of Play

  • The player/team with the highest points total from the previous hole has the honour on the next tee
  • If all players/teams play to the same Zone, the furthest from the hole plays first
  • If all players/teams play to different Zones, the player/team that is the furthest from their respective zone flag should play first. If in doubt the player/team who nominated the harder zone should play first
  • Once all balls are on the green, the player/team who have nominated the hardest Zone shall hole out first

Zone Golf Rating when playing QUEST

Having acquired a ZGR, each player begins their round with this as their STARTING points total.

Example: Player 1 has a ZGR of 24 so will START with 24 pts. NOT ZERO. This score should go in the points lead box on your Zone Golf scorecard.

Get your Zone Golf Rating (ZGR) and play another individual evenly Find out more

"The different hitting areas and zones to aim for will make it fun with a lot of strategy involved because of the risk and reward. That’s what golf is for us at the highest level."

− Justin Rose

"Looking at different targets on greens and new challenges is always going to be good to get kids involved"

− Ian Poulter

"I always like to play golf when it’s thinking outside of the box and doing things a little different. This is about fun and if I can play well my charity will be greatly rewarded."

− Paul McGinley