Zone Golf is a fast paced and strategic Par 3 game based on risk reward played over 9 holes of a Par 3 course.

The object of the game is to accumulate the most amount of points possible in one round (9 Par 3 holes).

Each green is divided into three coloured Zones:
(green-easy, amber-medium, red-hard) with each Zone having its own hole location (flag) and points value.

Each player/team must nominate a Zone on the tee and subsequently hit that Zone to acquire the relevant points (green-3, amber-6, red-9).

Additional points are available for Bogey-1, Par-2, Birdie-3, Eagle-4 (Hole in One)

The ball can be picked up when no points can be scored

The player/team with the most points after nine holes wins.

Get your Zone Golf Rating (ZGR) and play another individual evenly


  • The Zone Golf Rating system (ZGR) enables players of all abilities to compete against each other in the same way as the traditional golf handicap system.
  • The benchmark for excellent play (par) is 72 points (9 Amber Zone hits = 54 pts + 9 Pars = 18 pts, total = 72 pts).
  • In order to acquire your ZGR you must first complete three rounds of Zone Golf (3 x 9 Par 3 holes) at a Zone Golf venue, after which your average points total is calculated. This is then deducted from 72 to give you your starting ZGR.
Example: Player 1 – Round 1 makes 40 points. Round 2 makes 55 points. Round 3 makes 50 points. 40 + 55 + 50 = 145. 145/3 = 48.3
This is rounded down to 48 (All numbers rounded to the nearest whole number) then deducted from 72 to find your ZGR, which in this case would be 24 (72-48 = 24).
  • If an exceptional player averages more than 72 points after playing their first three Zone Golf rounds. E.g. 80 points, their ZGR would be calculated as -8 (72-80 = -8) and therefore their next round of Zone Golf should START on a score of -8, NOT ZERO.
  • Once you have a Zone Golf rating it can be adjusted in the following way and always rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • For every point higher than 72 points scored, players should deduct 0.3 points from their ZGR.
Example: Player 1 has a ZGR of 20 and scores a total of 80 points for the round. This is 8 points higher than 72, therefore Player 1 should deduct 2.4 points (8 x 0.3) from his/her ZGR, giving him/her a new ZGR of 17.6 (18).
  • There is a buffer zone between 69 and 72 points, which protects a player’s ZGR from increasing.
  • If a player ever scores less than 69 points, their ZGR will only ever increase by 0.3 points per round E.g. Player 1 makes 50 points. His/her ZGR only increases by 0.3 points.
  • A player’s ZGR can be adjusted after playing Quest, Duel and Battle game formats.

"Not a lot of people have time to play a four to five hour round nowadays so to play nine hole matches on a par 3 course in this exciting new format is a great idea and great fun!"

− Paul Lawrie

"Looking at different targets on greens and new challenges is always going to be good to get kids involved"

− Ian Poulter

"I always like to play golf when it’s thinking outside of the box and doing things a little different. This is about fun and if I can play well my charity will be greatly rewarded."

− Paul McGinley